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  about us

     Speaking English has always been a great challenge for most Asian kids, including Malaysia. English is taught in such a way so that students can pass or excel in English examinations. More often than not, this results in the sacrifice of practical English, especially spoken English.

     It is not surprising that you can come across students who DO WELL IN ENGLISH TESTS but CAN’T SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH! It is indeed sad but true that one may be a genius in a particular field, but if he can’t communicate well in English, his chances of success might just be a big question mark. 

     In view of the importance of practical and spoken English,active talk was founded in 2002 to fill this gap in English education. Students are exposed to a whole new territory of English which is not sufficiently incorporated in conventional school syllabus. We train our students in public speaking and practical conversation. We enrich them with practical vocabulary and practical grammar that are absolutely useful in their everyday life.

     Over the years, we have nurtured thousands of students. Whether it is public speaking or practical conversation, our students are trained to speak confidently with proper intonation and pronunciation. We open their eyes to the bountiful treasures in English that they can use anytime and anywhere; not merely a subject to excel in school exams.    

     Education is never a short term task. It requires dedication and creativity. It is indeed a great challenge to transform a quiet and timid student to a person who is capable of speaking confidently on the stage before a large audience, but we DID IT! And we will continue doing it for many, many years to come. For it is from the success of our students that we get our sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


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